Frequently Asked Questions

Will adding the PAL mowing attachment to my mower deck cause any damage to the tractor or deck?

Through our testing we have learned the stress points, and designed our mounting brackets in a manner that will prevent damage to the mower deck. If the the deck is made with material that is too thin, the deck is not properly supported, or the left hand pulley does not offer room to add a double drive pulley, etc., the unit may not be adaptable to your mower.

How long does it take to install?

Out of the box, first-time installation will require approximately 30 minutes to complete. Although you will likely need to drill 4 holes for proper mounting on most mower models, no torch or welder is needed. After installation, the unit can be removed in minutes with no structural damage. The mower will work exactly as it did before.

How much does the PAL Mowing System weigh?

62 pounds.

How do I order replacement parts?

Call (319) 627-6624 or use our contact form and we will ship them to you.

How long does the trimmer line last?

Depending on use, customers have reported one to five hours of use before changing the trimmer line.

How do I order more trimmer line?

We offer a few different styles of line. It comes pre-cut and packed in a 5 pound box. You can call us at (319) 627-6624 or use our contact form to order this item as well.

If I purchase a base unit, can I transfer it between other mowers in my fleet?

Yes. You can use the same base unit for most any mower. Also, if you purchase a PAL Mowing System and switch mower brands at a later date, you only need to buy another mounting bracket.